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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Travis Xavier


How to Find the Silk Road URL

Have you heard about the Silk Road and want to explore what it has to offer but cant find or load the silk road url? If you haven’t heard about this website, it is essentially and underground market for drugs and other illicit material similar to eBay. Before i tell you how to get to the Silk Road, I want to state that I do not condone the use of the Silk Road nor can I vouch for its legitimacy. The silk road uses Bitcoins as its currency. Learn what they are and how to get them here.

The First thing you need to do is install Tor Browser. You will not be able to even see the silk road url unless you go to the site through the Tor network. The Tor browser will let you surf the internet anonymously as well as access onion URLs which are URLs that wont even show up in normal browsers. Click here for a guide on installing and using the Tor browser.

Once Tor is installed you will be able to see the Silk Road URL which of July 07, 2013 is located here. Once you open that URL in the Tor browser it will bring you to a log in screen. You can then sign up and create a profile.

Don’t worry if the link loads slowly in your Tor browser. The Tor network relies on other people so the more people that use it the faster the connection will be. It will not always have the fastest loading times around. If you want to help keep the Tor network strong you can learn how to become a Tor relay.

Once you have a profile you will be able to surf the marketplace as you wish! Again I don’t condone the use of this website. If this page helped you please share it! I highly recommend checking out this link. It is a guide to browsing using Tor and has some good onion URLs to get you started.

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  • Jeremy Hughes

    “TOR allows you to browse anonymously”
    HAHA – YA FCUKING RIGHT!!!! NSA see’s all you dumbshits.
    Anyone that uses silk road is just setting themselves up for a future bust, guaranteed, wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA or FBI is running the goddamn thing.

    • Nathan Knightly

      if you read anything about tor for example theire home page you’d see that yes it was developed by the u.s marines in the first place

    • Sith Master

      Lay off the bong. You are paranoid. NSA could give two shits about silk road.

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  • Mark Dunlop

    Full silk road guide and tips found here.

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